Providing Issuers Diversified, Competitive Funding

Incapnet®, our proprietary online issuer interface and broad, tech-enabled distribution power the capital markets, giving issuers unprecedented control over building and pricing offerings while diversifying their sources of funding.

Multiple channels including negotiated underwritten transactions and continuously offered weekly corporate note programs.

Lead distribution agent for:

  • Over 50 corporate issuers
  • 6 Government-Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) and 2 Supranationals
  • 100s of banks via the InspereX CD platform
  • Taxable and tax-exempt municipal financings
  • New issuers continuously added to the platform
  • Cost effective way to customize and diversify funding needs and expand investor base nationally
  • Proprietary, issuer-friendly online interface

Active market makers covering InspereX’s asset classes

A seasoned team of secondary market traders creating liquidity and support for new issue underwriting

Teams of sales professionals serving a nationwide distribution network.

Increased, broader aggregate placement for issuers where supply reaches underserved demand.