InspereX is Powered by Innovation & the Drive to Achieve Best Execution

Our Mission is Both Transformative & Educational to Drive How Fixed Income Markets and Market-Linked Products Are Accessed, Evaluated & Traded. 

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Bringing clarity to fixed income markets and risk-managed solutions

InspereX provides market participants cloud-tech tools and market-linked product education to better execute their trading strategies and manage their portfolios.

Launched in 2021 & rooted in trust, InspereX was formed from the merger of Incapital & 280 CapMarkets, as a tech pioneer to deliver:

BondNav® seeks to deliver clarity & price improvement

  • Transparent fixed income markets driven by real-time technology
  • Aggregated market access, data insights, and compliance tools
  • InspereX is Powered by Innovation While Seeking Best Execution
  • Tech-enabled, multi-channel distribution

InspereX By the Numbers

24 Years

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of leadership in fixed income investing


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par value of new issue securities underwritten & distributed


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More than 400 issuing entities represented


financial advisors served

Top 20

overall underwriter of U.S. Agencies since 2009
(Bloomberg League Tables as of 12/31/2022)


of impact investments distributed since 2005


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distributor of market-linked products
(Bloomberg League Tables as of 12/31/2022)

Market Intelligence

Our sophisticated resources, investor education, and tools are hallmarks of our business.

We provide market insight, informative materials, and resources across asset classes.

ESG Investing – Making an Impact

Environmentally & Socially Responsible

Impact Investing

Our technology and capital market experts are dedicated to assisting issuers and financial advisors with investments targeting environmental, social, & governance (ESG); impact; green; and social responsibility (SRI) goals.

InspereX is Making a Difference.