A Powerful Syndicate Team

InspereX’s ability to underwrite and distribute a wide variety of securities enables us to create tailored solutions for our clients all along the distribution chain – from issuers to syndicate managers to investors.

Deep relationships with nationwide network of more than 2000 broker-dealers, institutions, asset managers, RIAs and banks – Combined with branding and marketing programs.

Our Distribution Network

InspereX issuers can reach traditionally underserved institutional and retail investors, diversifying their funding sources.

Investors who typically have no access to primary issues can participate in new issue offerings of preferred stock and corporate debt and munis.

InspereX leverages our Incapital InterNotes® programmatic distribution channels to suit issuers from different industries with varying capital needs.

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Market Expertise

In addition to our distribution and marketing capabilities, our clients value our informed perspective, product knowledge and market expertise.

Seamless collaboration among our investment banking, capital markets, sales and trading teams provide valuable market intelligence to help drive their business forward.

  • Public finance – taxable and tax-exempt
  • Corporate finance
  • Non-profit finance