Frequently Asked Questions

Transitioning to InspereX Q&A

How will the merger impact my business?

The combination of Incapital and 280 CapMarkets brings together the best of our firms’ innovative capabilities and client-focused resources. We anticipate a smooth transition with no interruptions to your business or usual processes, and with the end benefits of more asset classes and more liquidity.

What products and services does InspereX offer?

Our combined line-up of products and services will be available to our clients. These include our leading BondNav® platform; award-winning investor education; and a complete range of market-linked products, fixed income securities including munis, and preferred stock and hybrids.

Will my existing point of contact/sales representative remain the same?

Yes, your contact/sales representative will remain the same. Exceptional client service is a pillar of InspereX.

Will my representative’s contact information change?

Your contact’s phone number will remain the same; email addresses are changing to reflect our new name. Our new email convention will be Existing email addresses (,, and will continue to operate for a period of time. Please add to your safe senders list.

Will delivery instructions for fixed income trading executions change?

Delivery instructions will remain as they currently are, unless and until we provide notice otherwise.

Will my company be required to complete new documents to continue to trade?

No. Any information/documents you provided during the initial onboarding process will continue to be valid and will be relied on to continue to execute securities transactions. Your contact/sales representative will let you know if any additional information/ documentation is necessary to trade new products or to refresh your information.

Will your MPID change? Will your DTC number change?

Until further notice, we will continue to trade under our current MPIDs: INCP and TWOS. Likewise, our DTC numbers will remain in use: INCP 0235 and TWOS 0443.

Will I continue to have access to BondNav®? What if I don’t currently use BondNav®? Will it be available to me?
BondNav® will continue to offer single-source access to and information about the fixed income markets, with more asset classes to be added soon. Customers who use BondNav® can continue doing so. We look forward to expanding access to BondNav® in the coming months. Your sales representative will be able to provide you with specific information.

Is InspereX a FINRA-registered Broker-Dealer?

Yes, InspereX LLC is a registered U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Broker-Dealer and FINRA member firm, as well as a member of SIPC.

What if I have other questions?

For additional information, please contact your representative, or call us at one of the numbers below.

  • BondNav® Platform Sales – 415.671.6460
  • Market-Linked Products – 888.849.5732
  • Dealer Sales – 877.878.9000
  • Institutional Sales – 561.361.1260