Expanded offerings include new issue CDs, Rate-Linked Notes, and InterNotes corporate debt

Delray Beach, FL – August 16, 2022 – InspereX, the technology company transforming how fixed income and market-linked products are accessed, evaluated, and traded, announced today that BondNav®, the firm’s pioneering fixed income data aggregation technology, is adding new issue offerings for brokered certificates of deposit (CDs), select rate-linked notes, and InterNotes® corporate debt designed for individual investors. This expands the universe of diverse fixed income securities that financial advisors can access, evaluate, and trade on BondNav®

BondNav’s cloud technology aggregates real-time market data from multiple alternative trading system (ATS) and electronic communication network (ECN) platforms, institutions, registered investment advisors (RIAs), banks, and broker dealers, providing advisors with market insights to inform better decisions. By leveraging BondNav’s intuitive data tools, advisors can customize their market view to reduce evaluation complexities and provide context around bond pricing– rapidly accelerating their productivity.

“We’re excited to provide advisors access to more opportunities for their clients with the addition of new issues. With so much uncertainty in the market, it’s important that advisors have broad access to fixed income securities and pre-trade intelligence all in one destination,” said Dave Rudd, President of InspereX. “That’s what BondNav® delivers – the ability for advisors to vastly improve their fixed income market experience by finding exactly what they need for their clients quickly and effectively. And now, they can find even more solutions for their clients with the addition of these new issues.”

The New Issue Asset Classes

Demand for certificates of deposit has been on the rise nationally since April of this year, coinciding with the rising interest rate environment. Now, advisors using BondNav will have an easy way to source FDIC-insured CDs from a number of different banks.

With new issue rate-linked notes, advisors will have access to investment-grade financial sector issuers, offering a variety of maturities, yields and coupon structures that can be tailored to client portfolio needs.

The InterNotes® program offers corporate bonds designed specifically for individual investors. These bonds are issued by well-known corporations and purpose-driven organizations with a diverse set of structures, maturities, coupons, and credit ratings. Available in $1,000 increments, InterNotes® have a fixed offering price, the potential for predictable interest payments, and the flexibility of a week-long offering period.

“We’re seeing a new generation of investors seeking individual bonds,” said InspereX CEO John DesPrez. “BondNav makes it easy for advisors to source, evaluate, and select those securities so that they can focus on growing their client relationships.”

About InspereX

InspereX is transforming how fixed income securities and market-linked products are accessed, evaluated, and traded. Home to the pioneering BondNav® platform – one of the first cloud-native bond aggregation platforms – InspereX provides financial advisors, institutional investors, issuers, and risk managers deep access to fixed income markets across asset classes, as well as industry-leading origination, distribution, and education in market-linked products. Focused on delivering true price transparency, liquidity, best execution targeting price improvement, and the information advantage gained through data-aggregation – InspereX inspires greater confidence through the power of technology. The firm is a leading underwriter and distributor of securities to more than 2,000 broker-dealers, institutions, asset managers, RIAs, and banks. InspereX represents more than 400 issuing entities and has underwritten more than $670 billion in securities. The firm has seven trading desks and more than 200 employees with principal offices in Delray Beach, Florida; San Francisco; Chicago; and New York City.

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