Risk Considerations

Credit Risk

Any investment above the FDIC allowable limit is subject to the credit risk of the issuer, as is any interest payment.

FDIC Insurance

InspereX only partners with issuers of Brokered CDs that are insured with the FDIC. Brokered CDs are FDIC-insured in the event of issuer insolvency, up to the applicable limits of $250,000 per account ownership category and for each account owner and each of their beneficiaries. Any investment that exceeds the FDIC limit is subject to the credit risk of the issuer. While there is no maximum limit on the amount you can invest in Brokered CDs, FDIC insurance only covers CDs up to the maximum insurance limits.

Liquidity Risk

Brokered CDs are intended to be held until maturity, and the secondary market may be limited or non-existent. Brokered CDs sold prior to maturity may be subject to a substantial loss or gain due to fluctuations interest rates or other factors. Additionally, the market value of a Brokered CD in the secondary market may be influenced by factors including, but not limited to, interest rates, provisions such as step features, and the credit rating of the issuer. 

Interest Rate Risk

Brokered CD valuations and secondary market prices are susceptible to changes in interest rates. If interest rates rise, the market price of outstanding Brokered CDs will generally decline, creating a potential loss should you decide to sell them prior to maturity.

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You should not purchase a Brokered Certificate of Deposit until you have read the specific offering documentation and understand the specific investment terms, features, risks, fees, charges and expenses of such investment.


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