Risk Considerations

Call Risk

Some InterNotes® have call provisions, which means they can be redeemed, or paid off, at the issuer’s discretion prior to maturity, subject to the terms of the InterNotes®. Typically, an issuer will call InterNotes® when interest rates fall, potentially leaving investors unable to reinvest in alternative InterNotes® with similar or better terms.


Credit Risk

As unsecured debt, InterNotes® are subject to the credit risk of the issuer. If the issuer defaults on its obligations, some or all of your coupon payments and principal could be at risk. Additionally, changes to an issuer’s credit rating will generally affect the secondary market value of InterNotes®.


Interest Rate Risk

When interest rates rise, bond prices typically fall; when interest rates decline, bond prices usually rise. Changes in interest rates may reduce or increase the market value of InterNotes®. The longer the maturity of InterNotes®, the greater the impact that changing interest rates can have on their price. If you plan to hold InterNotes® until their maturity, the impact on the market value from changes in interest rates is not a concern.


Liquidity risk

While many broker-dealers maintain an active secondary market that may allow the option to resell InterNotes® at prevailing market rates, there is no assurance that a secondary market will be maintained. If you sell InterNotes® prior to maturity, you may receive more or less than your original investment.


Survivor's Option Limits

InterNotes® issuers that provide Survivor’s Options may choose to limit the aggregate principal amount of InterNotes® that may be redeemed in any one calendar year under the Survivor’s Options terms. There may also be calendar year limits on the exercise of the Survivor’s Option on behalf of any one deceased owner. There may be a holding period before beneficiaries can exercise their Survivor’s Option, and there can be no assurance that exercise of the desired amount will be permitted in any single calendar year. Refer to the offering documents for details, if applicable.


Tax Implications

When held to maturity, InterNotes® incur no capital gain or loss on the original investment. Coupon payments are taxed as ordinary interest income. Tax consequences of InterNotes® features may depend on the particular terms of the InterNotes®. Before purchasing InterNotes®, please consult with your tax advisor. You should also read the applicable tax risk disclosure in the offering documents when considering the purchase of InterNotes®.

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